Winter Box

Secure lockers for the storage of any ski or snowboarding equipment

Comfort at the foot of the ski slopes

Thanks to specially designed lockers, we offer a secured turnkey solution to equip ski resorts in order to store any kind of personal belongings and ski equipments.

The winter Serenity BOX concept

Serenity BOX allows vacationers to not be burdened with their ski equipment during a break during the day or while going back to their residence.

Located next to the ski slopes or nearby mountain restaurants, our storage facilities consist of secured and larged lockers to store your ski equipment. You can store up to 4 pairs of skis (or 2 snowboards) with enough space for ski footwear and poles.

The modular structure of Serenity BOX enables us to design bespoke products. The Winter lockers consist of 5 blocks of locker units. Therefore you will be able to choose between the following options:

  • Form a locker set of twenty boxes nearby the ski lifts ;
  • Place the locker units against a wall ;
  • Place them at a corner.

The French-designed Serenity BOX was specifically created to resist the cold of the mountain environment and extremely low temperatures:

  • Corrosion and high temperatures resistant materials (stainless steel and PVC) ;
  • Stainless steel screws and protective sheet metal ;
  • Possibility of fixing the structure on a concrete slab ;
  • Stainless steel doors with high performance powder coating to provide smooth finish ;
  • Coin-operated or standard pad lock system available.
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